Am I still an “ag blogger?”

Kansas City Skyline

I’ve wrestled with this question a lot lately. Agriculture is one of my passions, so much that I chose to make it my career. I love agriculture, and I love advocating on behalf of agriculture. But, my blog content patterns … Continue reading

AgNerd Design 101: An Introduction

I am a student in an integrated interactive design program. We call it “interactive media.” The program is called “interactive media studies.” We like to call it “IMS” for short.

That’s a lot of words to say something fairly simply. Bear with me for a moment.

Long story short, I’m getting my degree in that place where multimedia and communication cross paths. My specialization is technically “graphics arts” although I have found a deep passion for the communication side, thus my love of writing and social media platforms. I’m blessed; I can pursue a career in the digital communications field and still nurture and grow my love of graphic arts. In fact, I’m going to start sharing it. I’m thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt to my fancy little liberal arts school, and I’m going to ease the pain of that debt by paying it forward to the online community I love.

Cram on your cowboy hats and tighten your belts, because we’re going to go on a wild (and artistic) ride. Continue reading