I love bacon. So do the folks at Ram Trucks.

Step 2. Roast in the oven. This not only cooked the bacon for safety issues, but it also "seals" the ends of the bacon rolls. And, most importantly, it gives you bacon a crispy, yummy, delicious texture! I did mine on 350 for about half an hour.

So, the “God Made a Farmer” and “Year of the Farmer” campaign by Ram Trucks is no secret.┬áIf you live in North America and haven’t heard of it, you miiiiiiight just live under a rock. (I hear it’s cozy under … Continue reading

Everything’s better with bacon. Even chocolate!

Chocolate Bacon Almond Brittle

I’m not a food blogger. Or a foodie. Or even that outstanding of a cook. Most of my culinary successes are unrepeatable accidents. Which, I’m fine with, I reckon. But, still. Not long ago, while in Manhattan, KS visiting some … Continue reading