Find that silver lining.

Manhattan sunset

Friday night, January 25th. I was cruising on 70 West through northeastern Kansas, when things seem to come unhinged. I was pulled over on the side of an off-ramp, dozens of miles away from Manhattan, staring at my car with … Continue reading

Today Was Like a Sad Country Song…

…or, maybe, the start of a really stereotypical chick flick. We shall see if a prince charming arrives to sweep me off my feet. (I am currently already in my pajamas, so hopefully he gives me enough warning to get gussied up.)

It was just one of those days. You know the kind. You wake up feeling like you got zero sleep, and the day goes downhill from there. Everyone has them. It’s another example of the “only way out is through” situation that I wrote of in one of my Cross-Country Chronicle posts.

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