So, this is unemployment.

So this is unemployment

Opening up the Candidness Can in 3…2…1… In advertising, you have to know you’re stepping into a volatile industry.┬áSometimes, partings of ways have to happen. I’m currently unemployed and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It wasn’t … Continue reading

So a country girl and a suburbanite walk into a bar…

Nightwolf Kelly six month anniversary

Those of you who enjoy reading the more ridiculous of my posts may have seen this one about details. Essentially, it was about how my boyfriend (whom I lovingly refer to as Nightwolf on his blog) and I completely screwed … Continue reading

22, it’s been real. Time to kick off a new year.

Kelly Mama Pre Birthday

My mom has a tradition, each and every year, of telling each of her children on the day before their birthday, “This is the very last day you will ever be __.” Today, in true Mama Joy fashion, she did … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid of the wind.

My very dear friend, Jodi, is a fantastic person. She has so much to teach the world about kindness, fearlessness, and overcoming adversity. When I think “good person,” Jodi is what pops into my mind. One of Jodi’s downfalls, though, … Continue reading

My first ever post from my iPhone, because I moved.

I’m typing this from my phone. I don’t have Internet. You see, on Friday my mom, brother and I packed up all of my belongings and headed to Kansas City, Missouri. For those of you who don’t know, that’s roughy 450 miles from my parents’ place, and almost 500 from the town I grew up in. So, we spent Friday night in a hotel and moved in on Saturday.

You know, Saturday, July 7th, 2012? The hottest day Kansas City has ever recorded? Yeah, that Saturday. Continue reading

These boots were made for… [Giveaway & More!]

Change is scary. Even if my college years haven’t been exactly “easy” they’ve been mine; and despite the fact that I’ve been in a rush to get out, the people and things that kept me sane through this chaotic part of my life have left a permanent mark on me. I am a better, happier, more mature person because of college. And it isn’t just that I’m graduating…it’s that I’m stepping into a new, scary chapter of my life.

I’m moving 500 miles away from home. Kansas City. While that’s less than 1/4 of the distance to California, there isn’t a set timeline. I don’t go there for a few weeks or months and come back. I’m moving there. I’m starting my big girl career. There will be no “intern” in my job title. This is huge. In some ways, it feels like it isn’t real yet. It feels too good to be true.

I’ve worked for years to get to this point. Now it’s here, and I’m nervous. But, there are coping mechanisms for these things. Continue reading

Finding Direction

I’ve heard it said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I call bull on that. I love what I do, and what I plan to continue doing after graduation. I love the realm of community management with an emphasis on agriculture. But I work hard. I work hard to build relationships, to see connections, to find new and interesting ways to spark conversation. I love it. I love that exhausted feeling of fulfillment after a milestone is reached. I love that even when I feel worn down, I can find satisfaction in seeing the relationships that can truly be built. I may love what I do, but I still consider it work. With that said, I think it’s that realization that lays the foundation for the rest of this post.

I’ve realized I’m not a “settler.” I once thought I could take any situation and make the most of it. While I like to think I can still do that in some ways (see The Leap List), in other ways, I’ve realized that there really are times when striving for happiness is truly called for. Continue reading

All because of a gut instinct…

The first time I set foot on North Central College’s campus, I knew that this was the school I was going to attend. I had been to several other schools and had never had the feeling of serendipity. Something about North Central just clicked. It told me I was “home.” I had a gut instinct that I needed to attend this school, and that was that.

Within weeks of moving in, I was horribly homesick and desperately missing my high school sweetheart. I grew up in the middle of cornfields, and downtown Naperville did not feel right. I missed my boyfriend, my childhood friends, my family, and my dog. I longed for big skies, open spaces, bright stars, and sunsets over the fields. Around that time, I shut out North Central. Despite the strong feelings of belonging I’d had during that first visit, NCC just wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I snapped this a few weeks ago in my hometown, shortly before I came back to school. Who wouldn't miss this?

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Change is Scary. Change is Good.

Recently, I wrote a post about how my views on the concept of “home” have adapted since my temporary relocation to California. Being this far from the places I’ve always known has been…interesting, in the best possible way. I’m learning and growing and realizing things about myself I had never fully grasped before. I’m going to end this summer with a better sense of who I am, where I’d like to go, and what I need to do to take care of myself properly. I’ve experienced some big changes this summer. Continue reading