Everything’s better with bacon. Even chocolate!

Chocolate Bacon Almond Brittle

I’m not a food blogger. Or a foodie. Or even that outstanding of a cook. Most of my culinary successes are unrepeatable accidents. Which, I’m fine with, I reckon. But, still. Not long ago, while in Manhattan, KS visiting some … Continue reading

New Territory: Healthy Cooking for One

So, when I found out I was going to be starting this whole “move-far-far-away-from-home-and-live-on-your-own-in-the-big-scary-city” adventure down here in Kansas City, I decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes. Not just the whole living in an apartment, without any … Continue reading

Introducing Beef and Pork Friends to the Other Other White Meat

Lemon rosemary rabbit marinade

Following the emotional roller coaster that is last week, I’m trying to collect myself and prepare for another busy week. Uncle Kevin’s wake went well, and I was honored and touched to know that the blog post I wrote about … Continue reading

5 Specialty Crops I Could Not Live Without

I’ve blogged about specialty crops in the past. The fact is, “specialty crop” is a loose term that can be applied to just about anything that isn’t a major commodity. These “major commodities” tend to include corn, soy beans, wheat, rice, and cotton. I was rereading some older posts today and realized I never revisited that conversation about specialty crops. Well, I’ve decided to do so, in the form of a list. Here are some specialty crops that I simply cannot live without:

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