I love bacon. So do the folks at Ram Trucks.

So, the “God Made a Farmer” and “Year of the Farmer” campaign by Ram Trucks is no secret. If you live in North America and haven’t heard of it, you miiiiiiight just live under a rock. (I hear it’s cozy under … Continue reading

Find that silver lining.

Manhattan sunset

Friday night, January 25th. I was cruising on 70 West through northeastern Kansas, when things seem to come unhinged. I was pulled over on the side of an off-ramp, dozens of miles away from Manhattan, staring at my car with … Continue reading

Everything’s better with bacon. Even chocolate!

Chocolate Bacon Almond Brittle

I’m not a food blogger. Or a foodie. Or even that outstanding of a cook. Most of my culinary successes are unrepeatable accidents. Which, I’m fine with, I reckon. But, still. Not long ago, while in Manhattan, KS visiting some … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid of the wind.

My very dear friend, Jodi, is a fantastic person. She has so much to teach the world about kindness, fearlessness, and overcoming adversity. When I think “good person,” Jodi is what pops into my mind. One of Jodi’s downfalls, though, … Continue reading

How did the rabbit dish turn out?

A while back I shared the recipe for the marinade I was planning on using on some rabbit. Not just any rabbit, but rabbit raised by my friend Jan; rabbit that I’d be making for my friend Jodi and Brandon … Continue reading

Introducing Beef and Pork Friends to the Other Other White Meat

Lemon rosemary rabbit marinade

Following the emotional roller coaster that is last week, I’m trying to collect myself and prepare for another busy week. Uncle Kevin’s wake went well, and I was honored and touched to know that the blog post I wrote about … Continue reading

I ain’t no cowgirl.

Pete the Horse

In college, my city-raised friends were all shocked to find out that their token redneck friend neither owned a horse or had ever ridden one outside of festival pony rides and sitting on them for pictures at the fair. Here’s … Continue reading

Lessons in Patience from Cattle Country


I was there for a few days over spring break, visiting friends in Manhattan, KS before heading back east to Kansas City for business. When I told my friend Jodi Oleen that I would be coming to Manhattan, she was thrilled. She excitedly offered to let me crash at her place while I was in town, which led to us making plans for very “Kansas-y” activities. While one of the big activities, trail riding, fell through due to high winds, I DID get to enjoy some “cow time.” I was a happy little hick chick, with boots caked in dirt, manure, feed dust, and milk replacer.

Brandon manages the Kansas State University stocker cattle unit. This small outfit is instrumental in the animal science program’s research. Brandon’s family owns a ranch in western Kansas, and this is his “day job.” On top of that, he also has a small but quickly-growing herd of cows and heifers that he manages, with help from Jodi.

We did a few different things during my time in Kansas. I met up with some fantastic folks, ate some amazing food, drank some pretty good beer, and just had an overall great time. The touristy side of me enjoyed seeing such “hot spots” in Manhattan as the K-State football stadium and some of the historic buildings on campus. It also enjoyed Little Apple Brewery, a must for anyone swinging through Manhattan. The not-so-typical-tourist side in me really wanted to see cattle. Continue reading

Cross-Country Chronicles: Kansas rocked my Leap List!

So, I have this thing called a “Leap List.” It’s a list of things I want to do before I settle into my “adult lifestyle” after graduation. While I can’t share a whole lot of details about my post-graduation plans yet, I will say that I plan on relocating and that I’m pretty pumped about some of the potential opportunities ahead of me. But, I have the next few months to enjoy my time as an “irresponsible” college student. So, I drafted a Leap List. I’ve crossed a few items off. I had blue hair. I bought tickets to an indy bluegrass/folk concert in Chicago (YEAH, Trampled by Turtles!!!). I’ve been slowly knocking off items, and while not all of them will be reached because of things like time and money, I’ve made good on many of my promises to myself.

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