Fringe benefits of social media…like a job. And free boots!

My last post was over three and a half weeks ago. Wow. That’s a long time. It’s because I’ve been busy living real life; sometimes, life goes so fast that you don’t have time or energy to document it. That’s the nature of social media: the thing we often write about and share online, will often keep us from the venues through which we share it.

I only have a week and a half left as a college student. That’s big enough news. (Also, can I take a moment to thank my awesome friends and family for a few early graduation/birthday gifts?)

This “Guy on a Buffalo” shirt was a graduation gift from my good friend Ty LeGarde over at Cowdog Blog. It says “PUNCH THAT COUGAR IN THE FACE.” I like to think the cougar is metaphorical for obstacles in life.

This BEAUTIFUL handmade jewelry box was care of Mike Davelaar, who I got to know through his involvement with The Truth About Agriculture and other agvocacy projects. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique, beautiful gift. It also came with a very touching letter about the origins of the wood he chose for it.

And my absolutely fantastic family member bought me a….drumroll please…iPhone 4. And I am in love with it. And forever indebted to them for bringing this wonderful technological masterpiece into my life.

But there’s more.

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Cross-Country Chronicles: Kansas rocked my Leap List!

So, I have this thing called a “Leap List.” It’s a list of things I want to do before I settle into my “adult lifestyle” after graduation. While I can’t share a whole lot of details about my post-graduation plans yet, I will say that I plan on relocating and that I’m pretty pumped about some of the potential opportunities ahead of me. But, I have the next few months to enjoy my time as an “irresponsible” college student. So, I drafted a Leap List. I’ve crossed a few items off. I had blue hair. I bought tickets to an indy bluegrass/folk concert in Chicago (YEAH, Trampled by Turtles!!!). I’ve been slowly knocking off items, and while not all of them will be reached because of things like time and money, I’ve made good on many of my promises to myself.

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