So a country girl and a suburbanite walk into a bar…

Nightwolf Kelly six month anniversary

Those of you who enjoy reading the more ridiculous of my posts may have seen this one about details. Essentially, it was about how my boyfriend (whom I lovingly refer to as Nightwolf on his blog) and I completely screwed … Continue reading

Celebrate life, support World Suicide Prevention Day.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Every now and this, this blog sees some posts that are a bit more candid, maybe even shocking, regarding my struggles with bipolar disorder and bulimia. While I like to think I’m a better, more stable, happier, healthier, more grounded … Continue reading

Whoa there, Life, slow down!

Help yourself slow down during a busy week with feel-good moments on hump day

Actually, I’m kidding. Kind of. Anyone who knows me knows that stagnancy and boredom are “the enemy.” Rivards are made to move, be busy, by dynamic and boisterous! Well, despite my natural predisposition to take like at 90 miles an … Continue reading

‎”Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Bathroom scale bulimia and weight loss

That quote, the one in the title? That’s by Eleanor Roosevelt. A little-known fact about myself is that there’s three people I thoroughly enjoy quoting: Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill. They just all had a sort of “pluck” … Continue reading

Let’s talk about mental health.

This is a long one. I’m sorry. But something that I feel so personally and passionately about can’t be discussed in a few words. Please bear with me, because I feel like this NEEDS to be said, and NEEDS to be read and discussed.

I shouldn’t have to say why this is a prevalent topic right now. I won’t link any of the news articles about the recent tragedy, as I refuse to let the major outlets covering get traffic from me. I’m rather disgusted with how the media has portrayed all of this very sad moment in history. I could rant about it forever, but instead, I’ll turn to the real issue I’d like to address: mental health. Continue reading